2 Months to go!! – Wedding Details

Well, that went fast.

We’ve been engaged for a year and a half.. and it’s flown by.

I’m so glad that we jumped on the wedding planning train shortly after we got engaged.. because we got a lot of the big stuff out of the way early. Now we are on to the smaller details.. which normally are my favorite part of party planning.

However, after 18 months of planning.. I am losing steam, people. Not to mention there have been some hiccups along the way.

But I have tried to not let that take away my happy.

Let’s start off with a few key details of the day.

Ceremony: Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
-This is the church that I grew up with. I had my First Communion there.. and my Confirmation. We are getting married by Fr. Tom Metzger. He is great! I am sure his service will be wonderful.

Reception: Mill Top
-I am so excited about this place!! It is a refurbished/renovated flour factory. It still has a lot of the original hardwood floors and brick. It is charming/vintage/and super romantic. I can only hope that the vision I have in my head comes to fruition… and if it is even 1/10th of what I’m thinking – it’s going to be gorgeous!

My vision includes lots of candle light, hanging candle lanterns and a soft color palette. Can’t waitttt.

I have two Bridal Showers coming up – - one up in Chicago with friends and one in April with family. So excited to see everyone. :)

The Big Day will be here soon!!

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Moving Mayhem

..Ok. Maybe that’s me being dramatic.

What couple decides to move to a new apartment two months before they get married?? Us.

Yes, sir. We are moving to a new apartment in two weeks. It all kind of happened pretty quickly. We were toying with the idea in January.. and started looking at subletting our place.

Turns out.. it was pretty easy to do. We had it covered in under a week after posting ads to Domu, Hotpads, etc.

Soo.. then we had to really get moving and find a new place to live.

We’ve gone about finding apartments both ways: using a apartment-finder service.. and hitting the concrete and looking ourselves.

I’d have to say, we’ve had better luck when we’ve gone to look on our own.

I think it is just a matter of narrowing down what area/type of place/price point you want. With the apartment-finder service (at least with our experience).. I feel like they kind of show you whatever they think you’ll sign for fastest (because they get a cut of the first month’s rent).

We found our new place pretty quickly.. and through Craigslist, actually. I was a tad nervous doing that, but the management company is great, the price was right and it is in a great area!

We are moving from Lincoln Park to Lincoln Park East (which is technically the same neighborhood). We are closer to the Lake, Lincoln Park Zoo, farmer’s market (SCORE!) and a 3 minute walk from the grocery.

Granted, we are moving from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom.. but it ends up being more “living” space. Our living room and kitchen are much more spacious and upgraded. And, at this point in our lives.. we just don’t need the second bedroom. The whole saving money on rent thing doesn’t hurt either..

The next couple of weeks are going to be nuts!! I have my bachelorette party next weekend. Bridal showers and moving are going to take up a lot of time, too. Hopefully we have time to unpack. :)

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A Weekend Away on Bridal Row

My mom, sister and I took a trip to Cincinatti, OH to visit Reading’s Bridal Row. We met up with my soon-to-be mother in law (MIL) and sister in law (SIL).

Our goal: to get the wedding dress I was picturing in my head.

But, first… we had to eat, of course. I found this cute cafe down the street from Bridal Row.. Half Day Cafe. It was so delicious, reasonably priced and just adorable.

Now.. on to the main event.

If you’re unfamiliar with this Bridal Row thing… it is nuts!! It is a mile long strip of bridal store after bridal store. Everything from gown shoppes to photographers to coordinators to cake decorators. It was a tad bit overwhelming. But, I was too excited to be overwhelmed.

I made appointments at two stores, and then we popped into another in the middle because we had some extra time.

At the first store, Splendid Bridal, I tried on 6 dresses. I really liked one.. but it was displayed in a pearl grey color.. I couldn’t really picture what it would be like in ivory. I loved how it looked, but the fact that I couldn’t see exactly what it wouldn’t look like made me kind of nervous.

The ‘pop in’ appointment was a really cool store. The owner only had one of each dress, which she picked from sample sales from across the country. You could get a $3,000 Vera Wang for $600, but it would probably be 4 sizes too big. Unfortunately, I didn’t really find anything there that I liked.

The third and final shoppe, Wendy’s, was my fave. The store atmosphere was very welcoming and had kind of a vintage appeal (totally up my alley).

I tried on 9 dresses… which a total of 15 seems like a lot to me!!


It is perfect. Definitely has a vintage look to it…. It’s so ‘me’. I didn’t want to take it off.

And, if you are wondering… Yes, I was able to do all of my silly dance moves in the dress.

Can’t wait to wear it on May 24, 2014!!!

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A Pretty Urban Outdoor Space

Well! It’s all done!! And it’s my new favorite “room” in the apartment.Let’s take a little journey through the deck make-over process, shall we??

This deck is pretty much what sold me on the apartment when we looked at it last August. Mind you… it needed a LOT of TLC.

The previous tenant was a college kid… and he did not take care of this place. Exhibit A:

tenant trash

Oh yes.. all of THAT was left behind when he moved out. Nice, huh??? Not all of it was trash (even though it might look like it). We actually up-cycled the iron bistro set… It cleaned up really well… You’ll see it in the “After” pictures coming up.

And, if you forgot how awful the siding situation was when we moved in.. feast your eyes on this:

deck damage

You might remember me saying that I was breathing down the neck of our building manager to get that siding up… and I’m glad I did… It turned out way better than I expected.

siding completed!

Next, I decided to tackle the deck door. We went from chipped evergreen…

green chippy deck door

…to a polished blue.

regatta bay door

And now.. my friends, it is time to see the finished product.

finished deck 1

finished deck 2

I got the pillows from Garden Ridge and Etsy… and of course, my DIY Bike Art. Notice anything from another room in our apartment??? That’s right.. I borrowed the ceramic garden stools from our living room.

The planters were super inexpensive at Home Depot… and I tried a go at “gardening”. Hopefully they don’t all die.

Because I am a sucker for before and after pictures… here’s another shot.

deck damage

finished deck 1

It’s official. I’m in love.

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